2.5 Million Population City uses Wind-powered Treatment Solution

Low energy environmental & sustainable systems available for the treatment of wastewater.

Aero-Fac Pretreatment System for extra capacity, peak buffering & sludge digestion.

Proven cost effective systems and technologies available for Source Management.

No sludge handling. No odours. Advanced, sustainable wastewater treatment.

Wastewater Treatment with Zero-to-Low Energy Costs Through Windpower – Accel-o-Fac™

Truly Sustainable, Low OPEX Management of Raw Water Supplies.

Total On-Site Sludge Digestion, Plus Storm/Peak Surge Handling and Increased Capacity.

Dramatically cutting operating costs through wind-powered aeration & optimisation.

Surface Aerators with Massive Shearing Action, Higher Field Transfer Rates & Deep-Mix Capability.

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Gurney Environmental – Sustainable Water & Wastewater Solutions

Our ethos at Gurney Environmental has been to follow a mission to promote sustainable systems and technologies for the treatment of water and wastewater throughout the world. We offer unique wastewater treatment systems, equipment and design including zero-to-low energy wwtw, waste-to-energy systems and reservoir destratification. Our systems are proven, time tested and used by utility companies and municipal’s both in the UK and worldwide delivering environmentally friendly solutions with the benefit of large CAPEX and OPEX savings.


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CLEAN WATER by Gurney Environmental is published several times a year. CLEAN WATER provides stories of actual installations of raw water supply treatment, wastewater treatment installations and new technologies.

Read how Gurney Environmental addresses serious challenges in the treatment of water with highly sustainable solutions with low initial CAPEX and low ongoing OPEX that results in low TOTEX.

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