Welsh Water Llangdegfedd Reservoir

2nd installation of the ResMix 5000cc ‘source management ‘ system for Welsh Water.

In July 2016, Gurney Environmental installed a 2nd installation of the ResMix 5000cc ‘source management ‘ system for Welsh Water at Llangdegfedd Reservoir in Wales. The system was delivered to the site and underwent final assembly before being lifted by helicopter to its pre-determined location in the reservoir. The order of a second ResMix 5000cc ‘source management’ system came almost exactly two years after the installation of the first ResMix 5000cc ‘source management’ system for Welsh Water at Ponsticill Reservoir near Merthy Tydfill.

The installation of the ResMix 5000cc at Ponsticill was the first for the 5000cc model in the UK. The ResMix ‘source management’ system has rapidly become the preferred choice amongst many water utility companies as a means to improve and manage raw water quality before treatment. The ResMix system provides top down broad flow circulation(bfc) in storage reservoirs saving significant OPEX costs at the WTP. Iron, manganese, nutrients, blue green algae, taste and odour forming compounds have all been reduced or eliminated after the installation of ResMix, resulting in less treatment required at the WTP.

Cost effective, simple to install and with very low energy consumption, ResMix provides truly sustainable source management for the first time. The ResMix 5000cc consists of two counter rotating, surface-mounted , large axial flow mixers, each with 5m diameter impellers. The units are able to transfer 20 tonnes of water from the surface to the bottom of a reservoir every second. This significant transfer of surface water not only evens out water temperature, thereby preventing thermal stratification, but also increases net dissolved oxygen levels throughout the water column of the reservoir, thus addressing numerous water quality issues.



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