Aero-Fac® SDS

The Aero-Fac® Sludge Digestion System (SDS) provides ongoing biological sludge digestion with extremely low operating and energy costs.

Aero-Fac® is a high-process-rate, small footprint wastewater treatment system that has been well proven with a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications in all types of climates. Aero-Fac® employs an advanced and optimised form of a completely biological aerated facultative treatment process that automatically adjusts to handle extreme variations in flows and loadings. Aero-Fac® incorporates fast and easy construction techniques, uses little energy, requires exceptionally simplified operator skills, almost no maintenance, and yet turns out effluent quality that can be superior for reuse and irrigation.

No-Sludge Wastewater Treatment System

Long-life, low maintenance diffused air systemAero-Fac® offers a number of unique benefits, not the least of which is a self-digesting sludge process that requires no pre-screening, sedimentation tanks, clarifiers, sludge removal, dewatering, chemicals or conditioning. And best of all, Aero-Fac® requires no routine sludge disposal or the associated tanker traffic in and out of the treatment plant. Sludge is continuously self-digested within the initial treatment stage eliminating costly equipment, labor and regulation.

Extremely Low CAPEX and OPEX

Centrifugal fan blower has long life and low maintenanceAnother advantage of Aero-Fac® is the very low operating cost. The system is unique in its use of a fully biological process along with wind powered aerators matched with an innovative diffused air aeration system. Overall the system can operate at anywhere from 50-85% less than typical activated sludge systems.

The wind powered aeration units used in the Aero-Fac® system have been extensively proven in wastewater treatment and other water applications. The completely stainless steel diffused air aeration components are also unique in that they require no routine cleaning or maintenance resulting in an extremely low total life-cycle cost.

No Odour

Virtually no odour from an Aero-Fac® WWTPWater industry personnel are routinely amazed by the lack of odour at Aero-Fac® facilities. Many remark that it is hard to believe that they are actually at a sewage treatment plant!

Extraordinary Flow/Load Flexibility

Seldom does a wastewater treatment plant see exactly the same flows or loadings throughout its lifetime or even during various parts of a week or year. Whether from tourism, storm water infiltration/flows, industry, growth or other issues, flows and loads vary at many facilities. This is where Aero-Fac® really shines.

High quality effluent at an affordable costAero-Fac® can be designed to automatically accommodate anywhere from zero flows up to almost unlimited flows — all unattended. Shock or spike loads have little effect under most any circumstances. This makes Aero-Fac® ideal for tourism areas, developments with planned growth, areas with large storm water fluctuations or industrial users.



Aero-Fac® SDS

Sludge Digestion System

Aero-Fac® can be employed to act as a sludge digestion facility, receiving sludge from other conventional treatment works or sources.

  • Sludge digestion co-located at mechanical works

  • Eliminates expensive additional sludge handling

  • Eliminates sludge tanker movements

  • Lowers carbon footprint

  • Saves money and is easy to operate 

  • Simple to build, and is tried and tested

The Aero-Fac® SDS at West Newton in Norfolk has over 10 years of operation where sludge from the adjacent mechanical plant has been deposited into the Aero-Fac® SDS cell. The SDS system has been designed, developed and tested in the field in response to the needs of the industry for cost effective, practical solutions to wastewater treatment.