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  • Eliminate Combined Storm Overflows

    Eliminate Combined Storm Overflows

    Aero-Fac® automatically – without operator intervention – instantly handles storm flows, peak loads, shock loads, all with little enrgy using a Green, Nature Based Solution.
  • Errol Scotland - 20 Years of Performance

    Errol Scotland - 20 Years of Performance

    The first Aero-Fac® installation in the UK, Errol has delivered for Scottish Water. No odour. No sludge handling or removal. Little energy cost. Minimal manpower or operator attention.
  • Reservoir 'Source Management' Systems

    Reservoir 'Source Management' Systems

    Water Companies and Organisations are adopting the WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' Systems to provide low-cost raw water supply quality improvements.
  • Aero-Fac® WwTP System

    Aero-Fac® WwTP System

    Low energy, low carbon footprint, environmental & sustainable systems available for the treatment of wastewater. Massive storm, peak and shock load handling.
  • Aero-Fac® Pretreatment System

    Aero-Fac® Pretreatment System

    Control shock and spike loads whilst self-digesting solids and controlling odours.
  • Wind Powered WW Treatment

    Wind Powered WW Treatment

    The Accel-o-Fac® wastewater tretament system is a Zero-to-Low Energy option that requires almost no ongoing operating costs.
  • Raw Water 'Source Management' Systems

    Raw Water 'Source Management' Systems

    Reduce water treatment plant operating costs by pretreating raw water supplies with sustainable technologies.
  • Aero-Fac® Sludge Digestion System

    Aero-Fac® Sludge Digestion System

    Completely digest biosolids on site with no requirement for haul-away of sludge. Highly cost-effective and sustainable sludge control.
  • Replace Existing Aeration With Wind Power

    Replace Existing Aeration With Wind Power

    Dramatically reduce energy & maintenance by replacing existing aeration with SERIES 3 aerator/mixers from the Accel-o-Fac® system.
  • No-Sludge, Low OPEX Wastewater Treatment

    No-Sludge, Low OPEX Wastewater Treatment

    Aero-Fac® wastewater systems can dramatically cut both CAPEX costs and also reduce OPEX by up to 85%. No sludge, odours and little manpower or maintenance.
  • Highly Effective, Unique Surface Aeration

    Highly Effective, Unique Surface Aeration

    The Gurney Environmental "Tarantula" SERIES 5 surface aerator supplies massive surface shearing action plus almost unlimited deep mixing and aeration.
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Wastewater Systems

Zero-to-Low Energy Options

Choose between multiple options.

Fresh Water Systems

Raw & Potable 'Source Management'

Lower costs at the treatment works.

Stormwater Surge

Stop Stormwater Overflows

Aero-Fac® PTS Pretreatment System

Sludge Handling

On-Site Sludge Digestion

Eliminate handling, testing and haul-away.

'Source Management'

'Source Management'

'Source Management' solutions from Gurney Environmental reduce costs of water treatment at the plant, especially under drought conditions.

ResMix 'Source Management'

Sustainable Raw Water Storage Management

Read how many of the UK's Water Utilities & Companies have used ResMix units to solve serious issues.

Units are available in several sizes.

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Client: Welsh Water
Date: September 01, 2014
Info: Water supply reservoir

Welsh Water installs first ResMix 5000cc Source Management System at the Pontsticill Reservoir to improve water quality prior to treatment works.

Gurney Environmental accomplished an additional “First” for the WEARS Australia ResMix “Source Management” System with the first Northern Hemisphere installation of the 5000cc for Welsh Water, the first ResMix system for the Water Company.

This is the first application of the ResMix 5000cc in the Northern Hemisphere. The ResMix 5000cc is a sustainable, low energy system for reservoir “Source Management” providing water quality improvements and maintenance, but using only 10 kW of energy to influence very large water bodies.

The ResMix 5000cc consists of two counter rotating, surface-mounted, large axial mixers, each with 5 m diameter impellers. The units are able to transfer 20 tonnes of water from the surface to the bottom of a reservoir every second. This significant transfer of surface water not only evens out water temperature, preventing thermal stratification, but also increases net dissolved oxygen levels throughout the water column of the reservoir, thereby addressing many water quality issues.

This is also the first ResMix system for Welsh Water, having been selected after a 4 year evaluation of options for reservoir management by Welsh Water and their consultants, Black and Veatch. Welsh Water now join a growing list of ResMix users Worldwide.

Project Information

  • Pontsticill reservoir, located in the Brecon Beacons, north of Merthyr Tydfil
  • Holds more than 15 billion litres of water
  • Serves 106,000-plus customers in the Merthyr area and other parts of the south Wales valleys.

Innovative Raw Water Supply Management

Welsh Water’s capital delivery manager for south-east Wales said: “We are very pleased to be using this innovative management system in the reservoir at Pontsticill. This investment will improve the water quality for customers in the area and ensure they continue to receive a top quality supply of drinking water long into the future.”

The project was fast tracked for installation in August 2014. Gurney Environmental, WEARS Australia and Welsh Water worked together to streamline the procurement and delivery process so that this could be achieved.


Watch the Video

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Video of Helicopter Installation of ResMix Units


Welsh Water Feature Story and Video on Their Website

Welsh Water is featuring a web article with video on the 2014 installation of the ResMix 5000cc Source Management system by Gurney Environmental at the Pontsticill Reservoir in Wales.

"At Pontsticill reservoir a new ‘res mix’ solution has been introduced to improve water quality – the first time this solution has been used outside of Australia. Using low energy the system moves 20,000 litres of water a second and has been very successful. This is all part of the £1.5m investment in the reservoir to protect customers water supply."

Read the story and view the video here: WELSH WATER WEB STORY

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