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sustainability badge webOur ethos at Gurney Environmental has been to follow a mission to promote sustainable systems and technologies for the treatment of water and wastewater throughout the world. We offer unique wastewater treatment systems, equipment and design including zero-to-low energy wwtw, waste-to-energy systems and reservoir destratification. Our systems are proven, time tested and used by utility companies and municipal’s both in the UK and worldwide delivering environmentally friendly solutions with the benefit of large CAPEX and OPEX savings.
  • Reservoir 'Source Management' Systems

    Water Companies and Organisations are adopting the WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' Systems to provide low-cost raw water supply quality improvements.
  • Aero-Fac® WWTP System

    Low Energy Environmental & Sustainable Systems Available For The Treatment Of Wastewater.
  • Aero-Fac® Pretreatment System

    Control shock and spike loads whilst self-digesting solids and controlling odours.
  • Wind Powered WW Treatment

    The Accel-o-Fac® wastewater tretament system is a Zero-to-Low Energy option that requires almost no ongoing operating costs.
  • Raw Water 'Source Management' Systems

    Reduce water treatment plant operating costs by pretreating raw water supplies with sustainable technologies.
  • Aero-Fac® Sludge Digestion System

    Completely digest biosolids on site with no requirement for haul-away of sludge. Highly cost-effective and sustainable sludge control.
  • Replace Existing Aeration With Wind Power

    Dramatically reduce energy & maintenance by replacing existing aeration with SERIES 3 aerator/mixers from the Accel-o-Fac® system.
  • No-Sludge, Low OPEX Wastewater Treatment

    Aero-Fac® wastewater systems can dramatically cut both CAPEX costs and also reduce OPEX by up to 85%. No sludge, odours and little manpower or maintenance.
  • Highly Effective, Unique Surface Aeration

    The Gurney Environmental "Tarantula" SERIES 5 surface aerator supplies massive surface shearing action plus almost unlimited deep mixing and aeration.
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About Gurney Environmental

Gurney Environmental are a well established provider of systems and technologies used in the treatment of water and wastewater. From water supply to water re-use, we have designed and developed innovative, low cost and sustainable systems for the water industry.

Low CAPEX, low OPEX, low carbon footprint and TRUE sustainability are the benchmarks for Gurney Environmental. We offer unique wastewater treatment systems, equipment and design including zero-to-low energy wwtw, waste-to-energy systems, reservoir destratification systems and ammonia-nitrogen removal. Our experience and knowledge in water treatment has successfully helped a wide variety of clients that includes major landowners (such as the Crown Estate) and many of the UK’s water utility companies. Our systems are today recognised internationally with foreign municipalities.

Gurney Environmental has a total commitment to quality. We believe that our products should represent the finest in long-term value. That is one of the reasons we place such a strong emphasis on equipment with sturdy construction and fewer moving parts. Our commitment to a low Total Life Cost is a key part of a commitment to quality.

Our focus is on the following areas of expertise:


Excellence & Awards

  • Green 100
    Gurney Environmental has been named a Green 100 company for Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

  • Certificate of Accreditation
    Gurney Environmental has been awarded a certificate of accreditation within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.

  • Business Award
    Gurney Environmental were awarded a finalists place in Eastern Daily News Business Awards 17, a UK regional newspaper's business awards event.
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Our Mission

Create and supply truly innovative and sustainable manufactured products and technical advice for the global water treatment industry. Provide the benefit of our multiple years of experience in affordably solving difficult treatment problems.

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Our Values

Proactively work with our clients and partners to resolve water treatment problems on a trusted basis with the understanding that our obligation is to use our knowledge to save our clients both intial CAPEX and long-term OPEX.

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Our Solutions

Engage worldwide methodologies and technologies to create solutions that are starkly more sustainable and cost-effective than many other traditional options. Look at options that are both time-tested and offer truly real-world everyday benefits.


Global Experience In Water Treatment

We can assist you in solving your water and wastewater treatment problems.

What Our Clients Say

Aero-Fac® Wastewater Treatment System

"The Aero-Fac system at Windsor has to date met and exceeded our consent discharge levels, and we have been very happy with the system installed."

Andrew Dunning, The Crown Estate Windsor

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A Few of Our Many Clients

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Decades of Proven Performance

  • Erroll Scotland 2001 Erroll, Scotland Aero-Fac® Municipal WWTP. 17+ years of low OPEX and no sludge.
  • Sandringham UK 2005 Crown Estate Sandringham, Norfolk. Aero-Fac® Sludge Digestion System (SDS) WWTP. No odours or sludge 13+ years.
  • Holkham, Norfolk 2006 Holkham, Norfolk Accel-o-Fac® Zero-to-Low Energy WWTP. Windpowered and Zero sludge for 10+ years.
  • Tobermory UK 2007 Tobermory Aero-Fac® Municipal WWTP for island community. Eliminated hauling to mainland 10+ years.
  • Sutton St James 2008 Sutton St James, Norfolk Aero-Fac® WWTP. for Anglian Water.
  • East Harling Norfolk 2009 Aero-Fac® PTS Pretreatment WWTP upgrade to existing filter plant.
  • Windsor, UK 2010 Crown Estate at Windsor Aero-Fac WWTP
  • United Utilities 2013 Heaton Park Reservoir ResMix 'Source Management'
  • Welney, UK 2013 Anglian Water Aero-Fac WWTP
  • South Gippsland 2014 Australian Water Company Accel-o-Fac WWTP
  • Pontsticill, Wales 2014 Welsh Water ResMix Reservoir 'Source Management'
  • Isle of Jersey 2016 Jersey Water Reservoir ResMix 1000 "Source Management'
  • Severn & Wye, UK 2016 Severn & Wye Smokery Accel-o-Fac Industrial WWTP
  • Kingston, Jamaica 2016 Accel-o-Fac WWTP retrofit
  • Weir Wood, UK 2016 Southern Water's Weir Wood Reservoir 'Source Management'.
  • Nelson, NZ 2017 New Zealand community replaces aerators with wind power.
  • Waren Mill, UK 2018 Northumbrian Water's newest Aero-Fac at Waren Mill.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

Gurney Environmental can provide truly unique and highly sustainable options for water & wastewater treatment.

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