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Aero-Fac® PTS (Primary Treatment System)

aero pts logoUpgrade WWTP's to 100% Total On-Site Treatment

page ww pts intro picAero-Fac® itself is a high-process-rate, modular wastewater treatment system that has been well proven in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications in all types of climates. The Aero-Fac® Primary Treatment System (PTS) version offers front-end treatment that can eliminate a number of operational and performance issues for conventional trickling filter treatment works. The PTS offers numerous advantages and cost savings.

  • Improved treatment
  • Elimination of sludge handling
  • System peak load/flow attenuation
  • Shock load protection
  • Construction pays for itself in OPEX savings
  • Extends existing asset life
  • Improved nitrification

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page ww pts diag  The East Harling, Norfolk Aero-Fac® PTS was put into operation in 2009 and is tried and tested, well demonstrating all the benefits ascribed to this system.

The new PTS system has been designed, developed and tested in the field in response to the needs of the industry for cost effective, practical solutions to wastewater treatment.




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Suitable for Large, Medium and Small Populations

Aero-Fac is modular and can be scaled to handle any size flow and population. The modular design allows phased construction or multi-location options.

Mechanically & Biochemically Simplified For Reliability, Low OPEX & Capital Equipment Longevity

Aero-Fac® is a high-process-rate, small footprint wastewater treatment system that has been well proven with a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications in all types of climates. Aero-Fac® employs an advanced and optimised form of a completely biological aerated facultative treatment process that automatically adjusts to handle extreme variations in flows and loadings. Aero-Fac® incorporates fast and easy construction techniques, uses little energy, requires exceptionally simplified operator skills, almost no maintenance, and yet turns out effluent quality that can be superior for reuse and irrigation.


Aero-Fac® Offers Clear Benefits

page aero 5 Benefits 1 Stainless

100% Stainless Steel

No plastic. No rubber membranes. No hoses. No poly materials at all. 100% of the critical diffused air aeration modules and headers are stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance

page aero 5 Benefits 2 No Maintenance

No Membrane Maintenance

The entire diffuser assembly is self-cleaning. Nor are there any membranes to clean or replace or any moving parts whatsoever. Eliminating membrane replacement alone can save thousands of pounds annually.

page aero 5 Benefits 3 Fan Blowers

Lo-Pressure Blowers

Aero-Fac® uses low-pressure fan blowers requiring virtually no maintenance, practically no routine replacement parts and an almost unlimited lifetime.

page aero 5 Benefits 4 Wind Powered

Energy-Free Aeration

Windpower provides 30-80% of the energy needed for wastewater processing. Unique wind powered SERIES 3 aerator/mixers have been proven in severe wastewater treatment applications for years, providing aeration, process acceleration and biological optimisation.

page aero 5 Benefits 5 Effluent Quality

High Quality Effluent

Water from Aero-Fac® treatment systems not only meets rigid standards, it is also better in overall quality due to advanced stabilisation of all biochemistry. This makes it ideal for water reuse options.


Clear Advantages Offered By Aero-Fac® & Accel-o-Fac®

  • icon Sludge Digestion
  • icon Shock & Peak Loads
  • icon No Odour WWTP
  • icon Modular Design
  • icon Design Assistance

No-Sludge Wastewater Treatment System

page aero sludge 1Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® offer a number of unique benefits, not the least of which is a self-digesting sludge process that requires no pre-screening, sedimentation tanks, clarifiers, sludge removal, dewatering, chemicals or conditioning. And best of all, Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® require no routine sludge disposal or the associated tanker traffic in and out of the treatment plant. Sludge is continuously self-digested within the initial treatment stage eliminating costly equipment, labor and regulation.

Extraordinary Flow/Load Flexibility

page aero peak flowSeldom does a wastewater treatment plant see exactly the same flows or loadings throughout its lifetime or even during various parts of a week or year. Whether from tourism, storm water infiltration/flows, industry, growth or other issues, flows and loads vary at many facilities. This is where Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® really shine. Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® can be designed to automatically accommodate anywhere from zero flows up to almost unlimited flows — all unattended. Shock or spike loads have little effect under most any circumstances. This makes Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® ideal for tourism areas, developments with planned growth, areas with large storm water fluctuations or industrial users.

No Odour

page aero odourVirtually no odour is generated from an Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® WWTP. Water industry personnel are routinely amazed by the lack of odour at Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® facilities. Many remark that it is hard to believe that they are actually at a sewage treatment plant! Our technology has been used for decades to solve serious odour issues at existing facilities including both municipal and difficult industrial applications such as food processing and meat packing plants.

Scalable, Modular Design For Any Size WWTP

page aero modular Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-fac® utilise multiple cells, both in parallel trains and in series. Each cell or stage reduces BOD by about 80-85% (water temperature dependent). Parallel trains provide for a modular approach to accommodate larger flows with complete and predictable scalability. 

Examples of Modular Scaling

Design Assistance Based on Global Experience

page aero design 2Our design assistance program allows you to tap into our experience, expertise and global networking capability. Our highly experienced process engineers can be your “back room” with specific expertise when it comes to examining wastewater treatment problems or developing possible solutions, alternatives and costs. Gurney Environmental has extensive experience in process, equipment, operations and maintenance.

Expand & Enhance Filter Plants

Surge & Shock Protection. No Sludge. No Odours. Little Energy. Minimal Operating Costs.
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Decades of Research

Starting in 1976, an intensive and ongoing research program began that was designed to resolve the common problems and limitations associated with traditional wastewater lagoons/ponds including odour, short-circuiting, uneven loading, sludge accumulation and poor processing rates. 40 years later, Gurney Environmental offers technology and designs based on this 4 decades of intensive study of hundreds of municipal and industrial lagoons from around the world.

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Mechanical vs. Biological

The more biological/biochemical removal of contaminants used in a treatment scheme, the lower the initial cost (CAPEX) and ongoing costs (OPEX) for a wwtp. 40 years of research have defined the extraordinary capabilities of advanced biological/biochemical wastewater treatment.


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Truly Advanced Lagoon Design

4 decades of research based on solving problems with hundreds of wwtp's worldwide has resulted in a design philosophy that provides high rate processing, no odours and complete sludge digestion.

New-build lagoon systems are designed with the correct length-to-width ratio, parallel trains of cells to avoid large, poorly performing cells, and correct/optimal depth of cells to maintain perfect aerobic conditions while allowing for a smaller footprint. Experience does make a difference.


Comparison of OPEX in Wastewater

All Gurney Environmental systems come with design assistance and follow-on operational support.

  • Activated Sludge
  • OPEX 100%
  • High CAPEX
  • High initial cost and complex, expensive ongoing energy & operations costs
  • Shock & Peak Loads Can Upset Process
  • Prescreening Equipment Generally Required
  • Aeration Required for Both Oxygen & Mix
  • Clarifier Required
  • Can Have Odour Issues
  • Sludge Handling & Regulation Required
  • High Consumables/Chemicals
  • High Level of Operator Attention/Expertise
  • Annual Maintenance*
  • ?????
  • * 4000 m3
  • Aero-Fac®
  • OPEX –85%
  • Low CAPEX
  • Low initial cost and dramatically lower ongoing energy & operations costs
  • Easily Accepts Shock & Peak Loads
  • No Prescreening Equipment Required
  • Aeration Required only for Oxygen Demand
  • No Clarifier Required
  • Odour-Free wwtp
  • No Sludge Handling & Regulation Required
  • Few Consumables/Chemicals
  • Very Low Operator Attention/Expertise
  • Annual Maintenance*
  • £882/yr est.
  • * 4000 m3
  • Accel-o-Fac®
  • OPEX –95%
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Low initial cost and dramatically lower ongoing energy & operations costs
  • Easily Accepts Shock & Peak Loads
  • No Prescreening Equipment Required
  • Aeration Required only for Oxygen Demand
  • No Clarifier Required
  • Odour-Free wwtp
  • No Sludge Handling & Regulation Required
  • Few Consumables/Chemicals
  • Very Low Operator Attention/Expertise
  • Annual Maintenance*
  • £532/yr est.
  • * 4000 m3
  • WS Ponds
  • OPEX –97%
  • Lowest CAPEX
  • Low initial cost and low ongoing energy & operations costs, but several common problems
  • Problems With Shock & Peak Loads
  • Prescreening Equipment Sometimes Required
  • No Aeration used for Oxygen Demand
  • No Clarifier Required
  • Can Have Odour Problems
  • Possible Future Sludge Removal Required
  • Few Consumables/Chemicals
  • Very Low Operator Attention/Expertise
  • Annual Maintenance*
  • £200/yr est.
  • * 4000 m3

Both Aero-Fac® and Accel-o-Fac® can be designed as modular units and can accept a wide range of flows and loading. Both Systems can be designed as "new build" or retrofit to existing wwtp's.

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