Source Management

  • Blithfield Reservoir, England

    Client: South Staffordshire Water
    Date: November 02, 2021
    Info: Water supply reservoir

    The ResMix “Source Management” System is used at South Staffordshire Water's Blithfield Reservoir for manganese reduction and general water quality improvement. Two units are deployed to cover the reservoir.

  • Buncrooks Reservoir

    Client: Scottish Water
    Date: October 12, 2010
    Info: Municipal Water Supply

    Burncrooks WTW is located near Strathblane on the outskirts of Glasgow and is fed by a series of reservoirs. It serves a nearby population of more than 50,000.

    It was identified that the WTW had PCV failures. The project team was challenged with developing an alternative to the construction off a secondary filtration plant for the soluble manganese removal given the financial constraints under both capital and operational budgets.

    It was identified that for four or five months of the year manganese was present in the raw water from a series of feeder reservoirs at a level around the regulatory limit for water into supply. The normal answer to this problem would be to build a manganese removal plant. This was designed at high level with an an estimated budget cost of £6m.

    One consideration was whether manganese could be removed at source rather than at the treatment plant. A low oxygen level at the bottom of the reservoir enables manganese to dissolve into the water. While there are many examples of reservoir aeration to reduce manganese levels these require high pressure aeration and the placement of aeration equipment on the reservoir bed.

    Through extensive research the team reviewed a wide variety of systems that focus on dealing with the issue at source rather than having gone through the testament process at the works.

    The WEARS ResMix system, which incorporates an innovative large axial flow pump which operates at low flow velocities and consequently at low power consumption, was chosen.The decision to use the ResMix 'source management system' ensured a massive saving to the client not only in capital cost but future operational costs as well. In addition there was a big saving on timescale and the environmental benefits included a significantly lower carbon footprint than the alternative.

    Testament to the system's success was its that it won the Encouraging Innovation award at Scottish Water's capital programme awards.

  • Heaton Park UK Reservoir ResMix System

    Heaton Park UK Reservoir (near Manchester) for United Utilities. ResMix 'Source Management' System for deep mix and water quality improvements.

  • Heaton Park, Manchester

    Client: United Utilities
    Date: February 14, 2013
    Info: Water supply reservoir

    Early in 2013 United Utilities placed its first order for the unique ResMix 'source management' system following successful use of the system by Scottish Water since 2009 and over 15 years in Australia.

  • Isle of Jersey 3rd Reservoir ResMix System

    Isle of Jersey Val de la Mare Reservoir for Jersey Water. Using a ResMix 1000 "Source Management" system for improved raw water supply.

  • Isle of Jersey Reservoir ResMix System

    Isle of Jersey Reservoir for Jersey Water. Using a ResMix 1000 "Source Management" system for improved raw water supply.

  • Llangdegfedd Reservoir Wales ResMix 'Source Management' System

    Llangdegfedd Reservoir in Wales for Welsh Water, their 2nd major installation for raw water supply improvement.

  • Llangdegfedd Reservoir, Wales

    Client: Welsh Water
    Date: July 15, 2016
    Info: Llandegfedd Reservoir ResMix System

    In July 2016, Gurney Environmental installed a 2nd installation of the ResMix 5000cc ‘source management ‘ system for Welsh Water at Llangdegfedd Reservoir in Wales.

  • Pontsticill Reservoir, Wales

    Client: Welsh Water
    Date: September 01, 2014
    Info: Water supply reservoir

    Welsh Water installs first ResMix 5000cc Source Management System at the Pontsticill Reservoir to improve water quality prior to treatment works.

  • Pontsticill, Wales Reservoir ResMix System

    Pontsticill, Wales Reservoir for Welsh Water providing raw water supply "Source Management" cost effectively.

  • South West Water Reservoirs, England

    Client: South West Water
    Date: April 24, 2023
    Info: Water supply reservoirs

    In 2019 South West Water joined other water companies by employing new options to improve water quality at their Wistlandpound Reservoir whilst reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. In 2023 the Meldon Reservoir order became the 2nd for South West Water. Both systems use the optional Gurney Environmental TYTAN® Algae Management System.

  • Southern Water

    Client: Southern Water
    Date: August 10, 2016
    Info: Reservoir pre-treatment

    Southern Water's Weir Wood Reservoir is a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) long stretch of water storage, situated close to Forest Row, East Sussex, England, on the north-western margins of Ashdown Forest.

    In 2016 Gurney Environmental embarked on a programme of ResMix installations across the UK including a new ResMix 3000cc “Source Management” system installed for Southern Water at Weir Wood Reservoir in East Sussex. Southern Water joined the growing list of ResMix “Source Management” users numbering many of the UK’s water utility companies.

  • Weir Wood UK Reservoir ResMix "Source Mangement" System

    Weir Wood Reservoir close to Forest Row, East Sussex, England for Southern Water improving raw water supply with ResMix 3000c "Source Management" system.

  • Wistlandpound Reservoir UK ResMix "Source Management" System

    ResMix 3000 ‘Source Management’ System  for South West Water at their Wistlandpound Reservoir. The ResMix 3000 replacing an existing compressed air system.



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