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Gurney Environmental is a global manufacturer of innovative wastewater treatment systems and equipment. However, we offer much more. Our intimate knowledge of wastewater treatment, with strong expertise in facultative-based totally biological processing, along with operations, sets us apart. We believe in finding innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions. Our program allows you to tap into our experience, expertise and global networking capability. Our highly experienced process engineers can be your “back room” with specific expertise when it comes to examining wastewater treatment problems or developing possible solutions, alternatives and costs.

Use Our Many Years of Experience

We've worked on hundreds of water & wastewater treatment systems in many countries and applications. Our experience is available to you.

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Global Networking & Experience

Experience means better results. Over the years our process engineers have reviewed hundreds of facilities. What may seem like a unique problem in your geographic area is something we’ve likely seen before. Global networking with our clients/operators, regulatory personnel, and industry members allows us to see all types of wastewater treatment problems and solutions. That experience and that networking is available to you to help solve your client’s problems.

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Process & Operations Knowledge

Equipment knowledge is important. However, the understanding of the fundamental biochemical process itself, and what alternative processes are available, becomes the key to cost-effectively solving a client’s problems. Today there are numerous choices for processes. But without actual direct hands-on experience with each of these processes, how do you know which is truly the best performance for the least cost? In other words, true sustainability.

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Fully Biological Processing Expertise

Facultative processing is probably the most misunderstood form of wastewater treatment in the world. What pure biologocal systems can or cannot do, and why, is the subject for vigorous debate the world over. Gurney Enviromental has a unique knowledge of facultative biological processing based on over 4 decades of research and testing that has unraveled the mysteries. We have developed exciting, extremely high-rate, small-footprint solutions. Gurney Enviromental can offer what is likely the most qualified expertise and experience in facultative biological processing that is second to none.


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