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Australian Water Utility Company Places Second Order

Victoria based South Gippsland Water has placed a follow-up order with Gurney Environmental to upgrade another of their wastewater treatment plants using the exclusive Accel-o-Fac system.

The Accel-o-Fac system is a zero-to-low energy, no sludge, no odour, completely biological wastewater treatment system used successfully in countries around the world for several decades.

Positive Results With First System

South Gippsland Water partially upgraded their Inverloch wwtp with an Accel-o-Fac system in 2014. Through routine monitoring of the conditions of the cell since installation, they have reported that not only have they benefitted from a 16% increase in average DO, but they have also been able to significantly reduce the operation of the existing electric powered aeration system at the plant. This has provided South Gippsland Water with a 22% reduction in overall energy costs, which will pay for the upgrade within a few years of operation.

Wind Powered Wastewater Treatment

The Accel-o-Fac system was chosen to upgrade the Inverloch plant following a 12 month evaluation of options from around the world. Of particular interest to South Gippsland Water was the ability to use wind as a primary energy source for the Accel-o-Fac system, which is readily available day or night at Inverloch. (Note: An optional electric backup Motor Kit activated by wind speed is available.)

Equally important to the water company was the reliability of operation and ability to process wastewater — plus control odour. The 16% increase in typical dissolved oxygen from the Accel-o-Fac system has done exactly that for the wwtp.

Located on the Southern tip of Victoria, the Inverloch wwtp offers South Gippsland Water the opportunity to utilise consistent winds to improve treatment, while keeping energy costs to a minimum, further enhancing their sustainability credentials.