Our Latest News

Gurney Environmental’s Managing Director, John Gillett, recently delivered presentations on the company’s Aero-Fac® No-sludge WWTP and the ResMix "Source Management" system at Severn Trent’s headquarters in Coventry. The presentations were a part of an Innovation Exchange organised by British Water.

The event was attended by 50 companies including senior members of Severn Trent’s management team. The separate workshop presentations on the benefits and features of both the Aero-Fac® and the ResMix systems were well received. As a result, Gurney Environmental received an invitation from Severn Trent to work with them to identify suitable sites for installation of both systems.

Both the ResMix Source Management System and the Aero-Fac® wastewater treatment system were identified as providing the benefits in "outcome delivery incentives" and TOTEX that are now heralded as core drivers for the upcoming AMP 6 Period.

The recent British Water’s Innovation Exchanges attended by Gurney Environmental also include a visit to Northumbrian Water. These presentations have brought the features and benefits of low energy, sustainable water and wastewater systems offered by Gurney Environmental to the attention of the major water utilities. In a period in the water industry where TOTEX is the watchword, these informative presentations have been a great chance for Gurney Environmental to demonstrate its long-term experience and extensive knowledge regarding lowering energy requirements and other cost saving measures for water and wastewater treatment.