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Gurney Environmental has received a second order for the innovative ResMix “Source Management” system for use at Scottish Water’s Barcraigs Reservoir, south of Glasgow. The order follows succesful use of the system at Scottish Water’s Burncrooks Reservoir since 2009. The system for Barcraigs will consist of a single ResMix 3000 designed and manufactured by WEARS Australia. The ResMix system has a proven track record in providing “Source Management” and improving and maintaining water quality in impoundment reservoirs.

Scottish Water plan to utilise the benefits of the ResMix system in water supply reservoirs and, in particular, the effect circulation has on maximising the available water volume within the reservoir, while at the same time improving overall water quality and acceptability as well as reducing downstream treatment costs. The ResMix system takes water from the surface and circulates it down to the bottom of the reservoir — making it unique compared with alternatives — and does so with a tiny energy input allowing a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to reservoir source management. This system is most efficient at maintaining uniform conditions throughout the reservoir, maximising available capacity, eliminating aged water and stratification — all of which ensures the raw water supply is maintained in excellent quality. At Barcraigs the ResMix system is primarily to be used for manganese control just as it was at Burncrooks.