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Engineers from Gurney Environmental have completed the installation of two further Wears ResMix ‘Source Management’ systems for Jersey Water at their Queen’s Valley and Handois reservoirs. Jersey Water now have ResMix ‘Source Management’ systems at all but one of their reservoirs.

Jersey Water continue to see the benefits of applying the ResMix ‘Source Management’ systems in their reservoirs and have benefitted from significant savings in energy and treatment costs as a result.

In Jersey Water’s latest Water Quality Report's Executive Summary, Chief Executive Officer Helier Smith made reference to the performance and effectiveness of earlier ResMix installations by saying:

“In order to better control the quality of the water stored in Val de la Mare Reservoir, a reservoir mixer was installed in March 2016 to replace the compressed-air bubble mixer. Based upon the first year of operation, the 'ResMix' has shown a stabilisation in raw water quality at reduced electricity costs of the previous mixer."

With an eye on the current heat wave being experienced, and with reports from a number of ResMix users of falling reservoir levels, one of the advantages of using the ResMix system is the elimination of aged water at the bottom of the reservoir. This ensures that 100% of the reservoir volume is kept in good shape at all times, and when the water levels are drawn down, that water is readily available for treatment in the water treatment works.

The ResMix ‘Source Management’ system improves and maintains water quality in the reservoir, eliminating manganese, controlling blue-green algae, eliminating aged water/ maximising water stocks, with the benefit of downstream savings at the water treatment works. This has made the ResMix system the first choice for many water utilities both in the UK and abroad.

Learn more about the ResMix Source Management Systems on our website.

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Excellence & Awards

  • Green 100
    Gurney Environmental has been named a Green 100 company for Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

  • Certificate of Accreditation
    Gurney Environmental has been awarded a certificate of accreditation within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.

  • Business Award
    Gurney Environmental were awarded a finalists place in Eastern Daily News Business Awards 17, a UK regional newspaper's business awards event.

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