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Australian Water utility, GWM Water, completed the installation of an Accel-o-Fac® upgrade to their WWTP at Donald, Victoria using Gurney Environmental’s wind-powered SERIES 3 mixer/aerators on 29 October 2018.

Instead of using expensive to operate conventional aeration, GWM Water solved treatment problems with wind power, literally paying for the retrofit in short order.

Previously Anoxic/Septic Overloaded Primary Treatment Cell

Prior to installation of the Accel-o-Fac® retrofit, the WSP primary cell at Donald, Australia was loaded well above what natural reaeration could keep up with (see data block). The pink colour indicated the presence of pink sulphur-producing bacteria indicating anoxic/septic conditions. When the BOD loading exceeds the ability to maintain aerobic conditions within a treatment cell, the powerful aerobic and facultative bacteria become dormant and no longer perform healthy rates of BOD/TSS removal, odour control, sludge digestion and disinfection.

Healthy, Well-performing Primary Treatment Cell After Retrofit

The installation of the highly-sustainable Accel-o-Fac® retrofit utilising the wind-powered SERIES 3 Aerators/Mixers restored surplus dissolved oxygen (DO) in the upper portion of the primary cell, thereby activating strong aerobic and facultative BOD/TSS processing, odour control, ammonia-nitrogen removal, sludge control and disinfection. By restoring the upper two biological zones — the aerobic and the facultative — the bottom anaerobic zone can now begin proper digestion of all biosolids, thereby eliminating extra accumulated sludge.

For decades, Accel-o-Fac® has proven capable of turning around poorly performing lagoon-based WWTPs, both municipal and industrial, and doing so with zero-to-low energy and almost no manpower or ongoing maintenance requirements.

Q (avg.): 394 cu. m /day
BOD: 108 kg/day
TSS: 126 kg/day
Ammonia: 14 kg/day

Within the Influent Area:
Surface Loading: 320 kg. BOD/ha/day
Retention Time: 10 Days


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