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South Africa National Parks, the largest user of pond-style wastewater treatment systems in South Africa, recently completed an upgrade of an existing WwTP to a windpowered Accel-o-Fac® system.

Following joint study and planning by South Africa National Parks and Gurney Environmental, the company shipped and recently installed an Accel-o-Fac® wastewater treatment system that includes SERIES 3 zero-to-low energy windpowered aeration units for retrofit to the WwTP at the Skukuza Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park.

South Africa National Parks is the largest user of pond-style wastewater treatment systems in South Africa, and the SERIES 3 fits in with their eco/sustainability focus of seeking out significantly greener and more sustainable options.



Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change

Employing the windpowered SERIES 3 aeration units is uniquely suited to meet the many challenges of climate change with an extremely low carbon footprint, dramatic energy savings, no sludge production or handling, plus energy-free disinfection, thereby making effluent suitable for irrigation water re-use or safe-bathing waters whether discharged to river or sea.

Installation Improves Performance Whilst Saving Energy

The Accel-o-Fac® upgrade will be used to significantly improve overall treatment within the WwTP whilst also controlling odours, digesting sludge and improving disinfection. With a zero-to-low energy cost, the benefits are gained with OPEX savings that can literally pay for the initial capital cost.



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