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ResMix “Source Management” System to be used at Blithfield Reservoir for manganese reduction and general water quality improvement.

South Staffordshire Water together with Gurney Environmental have installed a ResMix “Source Management" System at their Blithfield reservoir located east of Stafford. The Australian made ResMix technologies and systems have been proven to save both initial capital costs as well as ongoing operational costs as compared to traditional options whilst significantly improving the quality of the raw water supply. South Staffordshire Water intend to use the ResMix System primarily for manganese reduction and general water quality improvement at Blithfield. Gurney Environmental and WEARS Australia, manufacturer of ResMix systems, first started talking with South Staffordshire Water two years ago. Gurney Environmental worked with South Staffordshire Water’s framework contractor, NMCN (Nomenca) Plc to deliver the project.

For this project, WEARS Australia specified a ResMix 5000CC (double unit) for the southern half of the reservoir and a single 5000 for the northern half. The reservoir is 18,000 Ml, has a maximum depth of ~15 m and a surface area of roughly 300 ha. The design driver was manganese reduction and general water quality improvement.


Raw Water Supply

Cost effective, simple to install and with very low energy consumption, the ResMix line of systems provides sustainable "Source Management" for the first time. The ResMix 5000cc model as used for Bithfield consists of two counter rotating, surface-mounted, large axial flow mixers. Each of the units can transfer 20 tonnes of oxygenated water from the surface to the bottom of a reservoir every second, not only evening out water temperature, but also increasing net dissolved oxygen levels.

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