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By sponsoring the IWA conference on Wastewater Ponds and Algae Technologies 2022, Gurney Environmental Ltd hope more water utilities will become aware of sustainable, low carbon footprint options that reduce CAPEX, OPEX and meet the several environmental challenges being faced today.

Gurney Environmental is sponsoring the upcoming IWA 2022 Wastewater Ponds and Algal Technologies conference 3-6 July in Melbourne and online. WPAT2022 will provide a forum for the international research community, water utilities and water professionals to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of pond systems to wastewater treatment and the use of algae for resource recovery and production of added value products using wastewater as the growth medium.

Gurney Environmental has for years offered highly advanced, sustainable pond/lagoon-based solutions, technologies and systems that have been proven for decades to eliminate common problems and limitations whilst offering extremely low OPEX and CAPEX for 100% total on-site wastewater treatment with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and superior effluent quality.

Gurney Environmental's Time-Proven Technologies

Gurney Environmental has a well-documented track record over the decades of resolvoing serious wastewater treatment issues, and doing so with extrememly low carbon options.

Several Unique Wastewater Treatment Solutions from Gurney Environmental

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