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Success of previous Accel-o-Fac® WwTP system upgrades in jamaica led to new-construction Aero-Fac® primary for area of growth.

New 5,500 PE Aero-Fac® Primary Cell Part of Green WwTP Rehab at Sea Crest, Jamaica Commissioned & Started Using Low Carbon Footprint Nature Based Solution.

Following the successful use of Accel-o-Fac® wastewater treatment upgrades at both the Harbour View and Greater Portmore WwTP's (owned and operated by the Jamaican National Water Commission), Gurney Environmental has recently commissioned a new 5,500 population equivalent (pe) Aero-Fac® primary treatment stage as part of an “Green” upgrade of the existing WwTP at the Sea Crest development on Jamaica’s North coast. The decades-long proven capability of the pure, natural biochemical process Aero-Fac® system to automatically handle high loadings, extremely varying flows and completely control odour allowed for the low carbon footprint WwTP to be located next to housing at the expanding development.

The NWC had earlier commissioned an engineering study to review the existing status of various treatment plants and to develop a proposal to rehabilitate and upgrade various facilities using renewable energy and more Nature Based Solutions. These studies were mainly in preparation for the plants to receive additional flows from new developments as well as meeting and adhering to all environmental standards, but do so with less environmental impact and provide for greater long term sustainability.



For the construction and upgrade, the contractor built a new Aero-Fac® Primary Treatment cell featuring a renewable energy (windpower) based facultative no-sludge process technology — a “Nature Based Solution” — thereby eliminating all sludge handling and disposal with dramatically lower carbon footprint. The existing primary and secondary ponds were then converted to parallel secondary cells with SERIES 3 wind powered aeration and optimisation. An additional two small cells have been converted to constructed wetlands. The drawing below shows the satellite map and the general arrangement of the facility.

The upgraded “natural” system and flow/layout arrangement will better handle the increased surface loading in the new primary stage and provide extremely low energy and maintenance aeration with the Aero-Fac® System’s proven capability to handle higher loading rates as compared to standard WSP’s and aerated ponds, especially when considering large peak flows/loads. The Aero-Fac® primary stage uses both the always-on zero-to-low energy SERIES 3 wind powered/renewable energy aeration for normal flows/loads, plus the virtually zero-maintenance, all-stainless, loading-activated diffused air that’s powered by a low wear and maintenance, shore-mounted, low pressure fan blower. The diffused air system only operates when and if the loading entering the primary stage demands it and the load cannot be met solely by the windpowered aerators, a highly green approach to wastewater treatment.




The Sea Crest Aero-Fac® wastewater treatment expansion and upgrade option was chosen by the developer based on the system's well proven and time-tested, low carbon footprint and greener sustainability credentials, plus its ability to improve the wastewater treatment process in primary facultative, secondary and polishing lagoons without odour or sludge handling. The system allows owners/operators to extend the life and increase treatment capacity of their existing wastewater treatment assets.

The Aero-Fac® system is an advanced Nature Based biochemical technology that can be used either as a new-build design or to upgrade existing WwTPs/systems, providing an automated system with substantially accelerated processing rates, increased DO levels, elimination of short circuiting, accelerated disinfection, odour elimination and accelerated total sludge digestion — all of which allows greater loads to be applied to existing lagoons, thereby extending their life whilst improving performance. And all with extremely low energy costs and low carbon footprint — a truly green and sustainable option.

The installation of the Sea Crest Aero-Fac® wastewater treatment upgrade has increased the development's load and flow capacity for wastewater treatment infrastructure in the Discovery Bay area and has been chosen by the developer as their preferred solution.

National Water Commission's Harbor View WwTP near Kingston, Jamaica featuring SERIES 3 windpowered aeration.

Gurney Environmental has a well-documented track record over the decades of resolvoing serious wastewater treatment issues, and doing so with extrememly low carbon options.

Several Unique Wastewater Treatment Solutions from Gurney Environmental

CLICK HERE to learn about our various low-energy wastewater treatment systems and options.


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Excellence & Awards

  • Net Zero Carbon Initiative Finalist
    Stantec & Yorkshire Water Finalists in 2023 Water Industry Awards for the Withernsea Aero-Fac® WwTP

  • ICE Award
    The Withernsea Aero-Fac® WwTP has won the 2023 Institution of Civil Engineering's Edmund Hambly Medal (Design for sustainable development).

  • Green 100
    Gurney Environmental has been named a Green 100 company for Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

  • Certificate of Accreditation
    Gurney Environmental has been awarded a certificate of accreditation within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.

  • Business Award
    Gurney Environmental were awarded a finalists place in Eastern Daily News Business Awards 17, a UK regional newspaper's business awards event.

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