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The TYTAN® Algae Management System allows cost-effective treatment of fresh water bodies and impoundments.


The TYTAN® Titanium Algae Management System is a proven and well-documented broadband frequency device designed to transmit ultrasound directly through the water, with an exposed titanium face that cleans itself during operation. This design means that maintenance is minimal, which is important in situations where contact with water may be hazardous or where low maintenance requirements and costs are critical.

The TYTAN® system covers all frequencies to address a range of algal species and does so without requiring reprogramming for different algal species as some other systems do. TYTAN® incorporates a GSM card system which allows the owner to interrogate/confirm its operation as well as change certain settings remotely.

The TYTAN® System has a wide range of applications from open waters, irrigation lakes, canals, reservoirs, drinking water systems, sewage treatment lagoons, wetland polishing systems, natural swimming pools, biofilm control and antifouling of boat hulls in marinas.


The system is truly designed and manufactured to “industrial quality” for tough industrial applications, and is manufactured of titanium and stainless steel. The signal is projected from the face of the transducer at an angle of 270 degrees, covering a maximum line-of-sight area of about 21 hectares. Multiple units can be deployed for larger areas.

The TYTAN® Algae Management System Combined With The ResMix ’Source Management’ System For Reservoir Quality Improvements.

In 2019 South West Water installed their first ResMix ‘Source Management System’ at Wistlandpound reservoir (pictured below). In October 2020 a TYTAN™ Titanium Algae Management system was added to the ResMix unit.

In March of this past year (2023), Gurney Environmental completed the installation for South West Water of a 2nd TYTAN® Algae Management System with a ResMix 3000 ‘Source Management’ System at their Meldon Reservoir. The ResMix 3000 unit at Wistlandpound replaced a previous compressed air system for blue-green algae control. The new TYTAN® and ResMix 3000 units are able to reduce energy requirements by almost 90% for the company.

Read about the previous South West Water ResMix 3000 system installed at SWW’s Wistlandpound Reservoir.

Learn more about the ResMix Source Management Systems on our website.

Recently commenting on the TYTAN®/ResMix combo unit at Wistlandpound, Duncan Thorne of South West Water had this to say, “We’ve not had any very significant algal blooms since the Tytan was installed which is encouraging.”

TYTAN® unit shown mounted on optional ResMix unit.


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Excellence & Awards

  • Net Zero Carbon Initiative Finalist
    Stantec & Yorkshire Water Finalists in 2023 Water Industry Awards for the Withernsea Aero-Fac® WwTP

  • ICE Award
    The Withernsea Aero-Fac® WwTP has won the 2023 Institution of Civil Engineering's Edmund Hambly Medal (Design for sustainable development).

  • Green 100
    Gurney Environmental has been named a Green 100 company for Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

  • Certificate of Accreditation
    Gurney Environmental has been awarded a certificate of accreditation within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.

  • Business Award
    Gurney Environmental were awarded a finalists place in Eastern Daily News Business Awards 17, a UK regional newspaper's business awards event.

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