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The WWT's 6th Annual Wastewater Conference & Exhibition will take place in Birmingham on 30 January 2018. This important and well attended conference features speakers and delegates from the industry. Gurney Environmental will have wastewater specialists on hand to discuss highly cost-effective, low carbon footprint treatment technologies and systems.

 Visit with factory representatives and specialists about the technologies and systems that have proven to save up to 85% (Aero-FacĀ®) and 95% (Accel-o-FacĀ®) as compared to activated sludge options for 100% total on-site wastewater treatment. Learn about our exclusive SDS Sludge Digestion System, our PTS Primary Treatment System, the VPMF micro-filtration systems, geomembrane covers and baffles, plus our sludge dewatering and waste-to-energy systems.