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Low Carbon Footprint

Our WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' systems have been developed, tested and proven over several decades in a wide variety of both potable and raw water treatment applications. These systems have been carefully developed and tested offering incredibly low energy and low operating cost solutions with reduced carbon footprint. Using our experience in the water sector, we have carefully selected global business partners with exciting systems and technologies. All systems and technologies offered by Gurney Environmental subscribe to our ethos of bringing lower CAPEX and OPEX thereby offering true sustainability.

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Global Experience In Water Treatment

We can assist you in solving your potable and raw water storage and treatment problems.

What Our Clients Say

Aero-Fac® Wastewater Treatment System

"The Aero-Fac system at Windsor has to date met and exceeded our consent discharge levels, and we have been very happy with the system installed."

Andrew Dunning, The Crown Estate Windsor

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