Client: Crown Estate
Date: September 14, 2011
Info: Municipal and light industrial WWTP

Following use of an Aero-Fac® system on Sandringham Estate for 6 years, Gurney Environmental was contacted by the Crown Estate to examine solutions for Windsor Estate and Cumberland Lodge complex.

The old 1960-era filter works in the middle of the Great Park at Windsor needed replacement. Wastewater from Cumberland Lodge Conference Centre and a small housing complex created problems with intermittent flow and load due to the nature of the wastewater source. The design population was 500 pe.

Gurney Environmental designed a two cell Aero-Fac® system to treat the wastewater from Cumberland Lodge and the housing complex to meet quality suitable for discharge into Great Meadow Pond.

Gurney Environmental Ltd. offered a full design solution and worked with the Crown Estate on the delivery of the project from start to completion.

Constructed price for the Aero-Fac® system solution was more competitive than an equivalent package plant. More importantly to the owner, the Aero-Fac® system was able to meet the concerns of intermittent flow and long-term operating and maintenance costs. Aero-Fac® simply offered a more sustainable solution.

The Aero-Fac® system at Windsor is constructed from earthen cells and eliminates the cost and complexity of sludge handling/disposal. All solids are contained within the system with the biosolids anaerobically digested on an ongoing basis. Fast track construction allowed the new facility to be built within the period from August to mid October 2010.

The Aero-Fac® system uses a combination of design elements and specialised equipment. A very low energy diffused air aeration system is used to provide the correct environment for the facultative biological process. Wind powered aeration units enhance the treatment and reduce the blower running cost, which is controlled by a DO probe to operate only as required. When in operation, the blower uses only 4.7 kw of energy.

As compared to the previous facility, the operator now has less to do than before. Operation and maintenance is comprised of mainly visual inspections and monthly cleaning of the DO probe. The rest of the system requires very little else in the way of ongoing maintenance. The overall operation of the facility is mostly self-operating.

The Aero-Fac® system meets today’s wastewater treatment requirements through lower CAPEX, low operating costs, use of renewable energy, elimination of sludge handling/disposal, simple maintenance and operation, plus a low carbon footprint.

The Aero-Fac® system is truly a win-win-win for the Crown Estate.