Client: Southern Water
Date: August 10, 2016
Info: Reservoir pre-treatment

Southern Water's Weir Wood Reservoir is a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) long stretch of water storage, situated close to Forest Row, East Sussex, England, on the north-western margins of Ashdown Forest.

In 2016 Gurney Environmental embarked on a programme of ResMix installations across the UK including a new ResMix 3000cc “Source Management” system installed for Southern Water at Weir Wood Reservoir in East Sussex. Southern Water joined the growing list of ResMix “Source Management” users numbering many of the UK’s water utility companies.

The reservoir is owned by Southern Water and supplies part of Crawley, and other parts of Mid-Sussex. The western end of the reservoir is a protected nature reserve and bird sanctuary designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. One of the main users of the reservoir is the Weir Wood Sailing Club, which is a RYA recognised training establishment, with sailing all year round. The reservoir is also a popular coarse fishing area, with day and seasonal passes available.

The reservoir has a full water capacity of 5,566,000 cubic metres (1.224×109 imp gal), covering a site of 280 acres (1.1 km2). The reservoir was built over the period 1951-54, a process which involved damming the valley of the River Medway. A daily average of 3.08 million imperial gallons (14,000 m3) is extracted.

The ResMix “Source Management" system is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many of its users as a means to improve and manage raw water quality before treatment. The ResMix system provides top-down Broad Flow Circulation (bfc) in storage reservoirs, saving significant OPEX costs at the WTP. Iron, manganese, nutrients, blue-green algae, taste and odour-forming compounds have all been reduced or eliminated after the installation of ResMix, resulting in less treatment required at the WTP. Cost effective, simple to install with very low energy consumption, ResMix provides sustainable source management for the first time.

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