Client: Anglian Water
Date: May 10, 2009
Info: East Harling, Norfolk WWTP Pretreatment System (PTS)

The success of Anglian Water’s wwtp at Sutton St James prompted the company to install three additional Aero-Fac® systems in treatment works including one at East Harling in Norfolk.

The decision to choose the Aero-Fac® PTS (Primary Treatment System) for the East Harling location was the result of a number of benefits they were able to deliver. Not least of which is a self digesting sludge process that requires no pre screening, sedimentation tanks or clarifiers, dewatering or conditioning, and best of all, no routine sludge removal and the associated lorry traffic in and out of the works.

The PTS installed at East Harling allowed an existing treatment works to expand and improve its overall performance while controlling overall costs by installing the new system in front of the existing filter plant.

The Aero-Fac® PTS by design is used as a front end to a conventional treatment works such as a filter works. The PTS offers numerous advantages and cost savings.

  • Improved treatment
  • Elimination of sludge handling
  • System peak load/flow attenuation
  • Shock load protection
  • Construction pays for itself in OPEX savings
  • Extends existing asset life
  • Improved nitrification

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The East Harling, Norfolk Aero-Fac® PTS is now entering year 5 of operation and is tried and tested, well demonstrating all the benefits ascribed to this system.

The new PTS system has been designed, developed and tested in the field in response to the needs of the industry for cost effective, practical solutions to wastewater treatment.