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Raw Water Storage Conditioning with the ResMix System

The ResMix System Offers A Unique Approach To Raw Water Supply Management.

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page fresh resmix main pic2The water in reservoirs and deep lakes naturally forms thermal layers. The result can be increased metals and nutrients concentrations, blooms of blue green algae and aged water. As a result, the water has to be subjected to expensive chemical treatment before it is safe to drink.

The traditional fix is to bubble compressed air into the base of the reservoir to break up the layers. This is expensive to install and operate, however, and it is not a realistic option for many water authorities. The WEARS Australia ResMix system is a floating axial flow impeller system that skims large volumes of water from the surface and pushes it down to break up the layers distributing oxygen rich water from the surface to the bottom of the impoundment. The system is very cost effective, simple to install and uses about one twentieth of the power of conventional solutions. Water quality starts to improve in days, and, to date, there have been no more blue green algal blooms in reservoirs using the system.

Raw Water Storage Reservoirs

The WEARS ResMix systems are ideal for use in raw water reservoirs to eliminate short circuiting, maintain uniform conditions and reduce disinfection decay. Developed over 12 years of R&D, the system has the potential to save water treatment companies large amounts of their operating budget for treatment and has been installed across multiple facilities in several markets.

page fresh resmix main pic4The ResMix 5000 system comprises a large 5 metre diameter axial flow pump, moving water through an optional flexible draft tube from the surface through the thermocline to the hypolimnetic bottom layers of a reservoir. The Broad Flow Circulation created by the unit is sufficient to address water impoundments with volumes of 150,000 Ml or larger. The low-velocity, high efficiency mechanical destratification system with flexible draft tube has demonstrated in numerous applications the benefits of the system, both for oxygenation of benthic layers to reduce dissolution of iron and manganese, and for the control of algal blooms by pumping the surface layers down into light-limiting zones.

Treating the Raw Water Supply

Across the world, managers of water treatment plants (WTP) routinely balance a variety of concerns — water quality, financial budgets, reduction in carbon output, statutory regulation and consumer expectations. The WTP has become a high-tech, automated system designed to produce the highest standard of treated water. While the focus has been on treatment within the WTP, the raw water has become progressively more difficult and costly to treat due to increasingly stringent regulation and consumer expectations.

Proven Performance Worldwide

Developed by WEARS Australia, the ResMix System provides high-volume, low-velocity Broad Flow Circulation (BFC) in raw water storage reservoirs to improve and maintain water quality. The net result is less work required at the WTP to produce the expected treated product.


Based on 12 years of successful use, the ResMix top-down BFC has proven effective at eliminating aged water, as well as reducing or eliminating iron, manganese, nutrients, BGA, and taste and odour forming compounds. The use of the ResMIx system results in significant OPEX savings at the WTP through less chemical dosing and filter backwashing. The ResMix system comes in 3 models suitable for reservoirs of less than 2,000 Ml to 150,000 Ml or more with multiple close-coupled units.






Watch the Videos

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The following video tells the story of the WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' system install at Pontsticill water reservoir in Wales.

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The following video tells the story of the WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' system install at Llandegfedd water reservoir in Wales.

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See the WEARS ResMix 'Source Management' system in action in this video.

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ResMix 'Source Management'

Low energy raw water storage conditioning & treatment

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