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Potable Water Storage Conditioning with the ResMix Vital

A Tool For Potable Water Treatment and Storage

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page fresh vital pic2The ResMix Vital is WEARS’ first "off-the- shelf" system. It can be simply installed and operational in a few hours, is energy efficient, requires minimal scheduled maintenance (3 yearly), and has an operational lifespan of over 25 years.

The ResMix Vital is recognised as a cutting-edge, best- practice solution for water reservoirs. The ResMix Vital is intended for reservoirs up to 200 ML and can be configured as a multiple system as required for larger storage reservoirs.

The water in storage reservoirs naturally forms thermal layers. The result can be degraded water quality, nutrients concentrations and aged water.

How It Works

The WEARS Australia ResMix Vital system is a floating axial flow impeller system that skims large volumes of water from the surface and pushes it down to break up the layers, thereby distributing oxygen rich water from the surface to the bottom of the impoundment. The system is very cost effective, simple to install and uses about 1/20 of the power of conventional solutions. Water quality starts to improve in days.

Complete Chlorine Suspension

The WEARS ResMix Vital systems have been UK DWI approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, and are ideal for use in potable water reservoirs to eliminate short circuiting, maintain uniform conditions and reduce disinfection decay. Developed over 12 years of R&D, the system has the potential to save water treatment companies large amounts of their operating budget for treatment, and has been installed across multiple facilities in several markets.

As an example, the performance of the ResMix Vital system at the Trangie Reservoir significantly improved conditions within a very short time.


Covered Reservoirs

The ResMix Vital uses a patented locking system that allows the unit to swing open, thus giving it the ability to fit into enclosed top reservoirs. Potable water reservoirs can suffer from stale water — water that no longer is at its optimum.

Disinfectents such as chlorine can settle out and not provide the benefits required for storage and transmission of fresh water through mains. The ResMix Vital unit can be installed through the hatch of a closed-top reservoir, thereby providing a very cost effective method of maintaining maximum potable water quality while in storage.

The ResMix Vital will create a top-down circulation of the reservoir with little energy or maintenance. The units can float with the ever changing water levels, thereby accommodating a wide range of capacity situations.


Recent Case Study

WEARS Australia recently presented their paper on “Maintaining Chlorine Residuals for High Quality Water Supply,” citing the 12 months of performance of the ResMix Vital system at the Trangie Reservoir for the Narromine Shire Council. Click the picture to view/download the PDF of this report.


The following video illustrates the simplicity and effectiveness of the WEARS ResMix Vital system in enclosed-top potable water reservoirs.

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ResMix Vital

Low energy potable water storage conditioning

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