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The Unique SERIES 3 Windpowered Aerators/Mixers

Zero-to-Low Energy Aeration and Biological Optimisation

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page ww s3 pic2The SERIES 3 Aerator/Mixers provide zero-to-low energy alternatives for aeration and optimising biological treatment in a variety of applications.

The SERIES 3 is a unique windpowered aerator/mixer unit used primarily for wastewater treatment. The SERIES 3 offers another means of reaerating water impoundments with very little associated energy cost and little maintenance or wear and tear. The SERIES 3 significantly increases typical dissolved oxygen levels in water in specific applications, but doesn’t use conventional aeration techniques (neither surface splashing nor diffused air). The deep-mix capability and large area of coverage provides a zero-to-low energy method to treat wastewater quality problems summer and winter.

The SERIES 3 “optimises” the overall biological conditions in facultative lagoon-based systems, including increasing typical DO levels, thereby boosting performance and solving numerous operational problems such as odor, short-circuiting, overloaded conditions, sludge buildups, etc. all with zero-to-low energy costs and virtually no maintenance. (See Accel-o-Fac™ and Aero-Fac® brochures for complete details.) SERIES 3s can often replace conventional expensive aerators or diffusers, as well as downsizing cells or allowing higher organic loadings than non-aerated cells — all without significant operating costs.

Enhancing the Facultative Biological Process

The SERIES 3 not only boosts natural oxygen transfer, but also provides an ideal quiescent zone for solids settling and self-digestion of the sludge — a fundamental and essential part of the “All-in-One” facultative biological 100% total treatment process.

The SERIES 3 aerator/mixers also eliminates the problems of short circuiting by radially dispersing and distributing the incoming organic load throughout the entire treatment volume. With the addition of SERIES 3 aerator/mixers, the entire cell volume and surface area are put to work with no dead spots and no “hot” or overloaded spots (such as near the influent area). This alone dramatically increases the processing capacity of the cells enabling it to automatically deal with shock loads. And unlike conventional aggressive aeration units, the SERIES 3 aerator/mixers will not put solids into suspension where they will compete for oxygen and carry through to the next stage of treatment.

The Importance of Positive DO Conditions

Accomplishing maximum BOD removal processing rates in a facultative biological treatment system is dependent on maintaining positive DO at all times. With positive DO conditions, the aerobic bacteria will perform at their maximum for a given water temperature. Additionally, odours can be 100% buffered/stripped by an oxygen-rich water column.

Gurney Environmental completed the installation of the primarily wind-powered Accel-o-Fac® wastewater treatment system upgrade (using SERIES 3 aerator/mixers) for South Gippsland Water in mid 2015. After a year of operation, managers of the wwtp have provided the results of typical DO profiles now being accomplished with dramatically reduced energy, and the results are impressive. The high residual DO levels being maintained by the primarily windpowered system now allow the original electric aeration to be shut off for much of the time through the use of a DO controller.

Harnessing Henry’s Law

In deeper applications, actual in-field oxygen transfer rates can be impressive due to the typical oxygen-depleted condition of the lower area water, thus resulting in a more rapid uptake of oxygen. By constantly exposing the lowest DO-content water from the bottom to the surface action, a more rapid oxygen uptake is achieved with minimal energy input. The SERIES 3 offers excellent oxygen transfer in deeper cells through the use of a flexible downhose system while also increasing flow rates due to the significant induced flow alongside the downhose system.

Recommended applications:

  • Deep DO, destratification and mix needed;
  • Energy savings and/or the cost of installing power is key;
  • Supplemental aeration and deep mix in conjunction with existing aerators;
  • Remote locations where minimal maintenance and attention is important;
  • Facultative wastewater ponds to solve numerous problems;
  • Deep-mix applications where ordinary surface aerators can’t reach the lower, oxygen-depleted water.

Performance Backed by Decades of Proven Results

Years of proven results in a variety of climates and applications worldwide assure performance. The efficient design requires a minimum wind speed of only about 4-5 mph (6.4 kph) 65–75% of the time to solve water problems, but can withstand strong winds. An optional electric backup Motor Kit is available activated by wind speed. Cost savings in electricity alone can often pay for entire installations within 2–3 years.

THE SERIES 3 IN ACTION – Watch The Videos

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SERIES 3 Wind-powered Aerator/mixer Water Action

SERIES 3 Assembly (Time Lapse)

SERIES 3 In Use In Jamaica

SERIES 3 Assembly & Install




SERIES 3 Windpowered Aeration/Mixing

Zero-to-Low Energy Aeration & Optimisation

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