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The Unique SERIES 5 Deep-Draw Aerators/Mixers

Low Energy, High Transfer Aeration and Mixing

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systems series5 tarantula 2The SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ has been developed to compliment the successful wind/electric-powered SERIES 3, which has achieved much success in its deployment in a wide range of wastewater treatment installations. The SERIES 5 responds to the needs of operators and industry for an innovative, fully electric-driven aerator/mixer that goes beyond the performance of typical surface aerators whilst cutting overall energy costs.

Several Energy-efficient Configurations

The new flotation system designed for the SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ offers several benefits for both performance and serviceability with the open design of the flotation system allowing a greater radial dispersion of water, increasing the area of influence per unit.

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A selection of application specific motor-drives allow for either fully aggressive or gentle deep-mixed oxygenation of the wastewater.

See the SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ In Action

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Special Deep Aeration Design Feature

The use of an optional new and larger 0.9 m diameter flexible downhose kit provides enhanced deep-mixing and a highly efficient aeration capability where desired. The larger 0.9 m diameter kit has been developed to handle the higher flow rates developed by the SERIES 5. This new downhose kit is also now available on the SERIES 3's to further enhance flow rates.

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Rugged Construction

Ruggedly designed and built, the stainless steel SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ assures years of use with minimal degradation due to weather, water and environment. Optional service catwalks allow ease of access for servicing the unit’s high-service-factor TEFC motor-drives. The SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ is designed as a quality-built, top-of-the-line performer.

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Lower Energy Requirements

In many applications, fewer units and far less energy are required to accomplish the processing and odour control required. The open float design allows for a significantly larger area of influence, thus requiring fewer units. The significantly better field O2 transfer rates — due to the massive shearing action and lower water intake — improves actual DO content of the water column better than conventional surface aeration using less actual energy. In total, the SERIES 5 'Tarantula' can deliver far better performance in many application with less equipment and energy.

Available with the choice of 1.1 kW, 2.2 kW, 4 kW or 8 kW motors, the SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ has been designed and developed for use in a variety of applications where motor driven mixing/aeration is required.  

Power 1.1 kW 2.25 kW 4 kW 8 kW
Flow Rate* 15,000 l/m 25,000 l/m 30,000 l/m 35,000 l/m

* Primary flow only. Does not include significant induced flow with optional downhose kit. 

The 1.1 kW version is ideally suited to slow-mix aeration — particularly in facultative primary cells where constant mix/aeration is required, but without keeping unwanted solids in suspension and upsetting the lower anaerobic sludge digestion layer the way typical aggressive surface aerators can (overly aggressive aeration results in sludge accumulation and solids transfer).

The 2.2 kW, 4 kW and 8 kW versions are more aggressive and are designed to be used in deeper facultative and total-mix aeration cells/lagoons. While still allowing the deep-mix and aeration capability over a wide coverage area, these units are particularly suited to highly loaded lagoons and inlet zones.

Harnessing Henry’s Law

In deeper applications, actual in-field oxygen transfer rates can be both impressive and higher than Clean Water Transfer Tests due to the typical oxygen-depleted condition of the lower area water, thus resulting in a more rapid uptake of oxygen beyond what is reflected in a standard Clean Water Transfer Test. By constantly exposing the lowest DO-content water from the bottom to the surface shearing action, a more rapid oxygen uptake is achieved with minimal energy input. The SERIES 5 ‘Tarantula’ offers extraordinary oxygen transfer in deeper cells through the use of a flexible downhose system while also increasing flow rates due to the significant induced flow alongside the downhose system. 

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The SERIES 5 ‘Tarantula’ intakes low DO water from near the bottom and returns it to the surface with a high shearing action. The high DO surface water is redistributed back to the bottom to satisfy biochemical oxygen demand and control odours. A significant entrained induced flow is created alongside the downhose thereby increasing actual flow rates in deeper impoundments.

The SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ can be used in existing aeration applications where normal surface aerators are not reaching deep enough, thus providing a lower energy method of achieving complete bottom-to-top mix and aeration.

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SERIES 5 Offers Strong Benefits

When compared to many other conventional surface aerators, the SERIES 5 'Tarantula’ can:

  • Use less electricity
  • Cover a larger effective area per unit
  • Circulate, aerate and mix deeper (if desired)
  • Are simple to install and service
  • Prove to be a competitive, low-cost method to provide both mix and aeration in many wastewater applications.

Features Include:

  • Low energy options
  • Fewer units may be required due to large coverage area
  • Mixes and aerates deeper and better
  • Achieves better real-world actual oxygen transfer results
  • Provides aeration and mix in applications where previously not practical
  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless construction
  • Optional large-diameter downhose attachment for deep mixing when needed

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SERIES 5 'Tarantula' Aeration/Mixing

Unique Aeration and Mixing Units With Massive Transfer Rates

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