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Waste-to-Energy Using Anaerobic Treatment & Biogas Recovery

The Generation of a Renewable Energy Source From Municipal And Industrial Wastewater.

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ept site 2Our systems offer proven anaerobic digestion with biogas recovery and energy generation that turns a non-productive process into a cost-offsetting one.

Gurney Environmental are the UK's exclusive distributor for an international wastewater treatment company that provides highly efficient anaerobic digestion systems to industrial and municipal clients worldwide. Our partner supplier was founded in 1989. With more than 30 successfully working wastewater plants, this company specializes in the designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining full scale water and wastewater plants, and is a leading anaerobic plant provider.

Working together, Gurney Environmental are able to deliver the benefits of over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of anaerobic digestion plants.





Systems Offer Strong Benefits

Solutions include:

  • Anaerobic Treatment For High/low Organic Concentrated Waste Water
  • Aerobic Treatment For Waste Water Polishing
  • Complete Biogas Handling, Storage And Energy Production
  • Municipal Sewage Anaerobic Sludge Treatment
  • Solid And Liquid Animal Manure





The generation of a renewable energy source from municipal and industrial wastewater

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